About YouSpeakGerman

To see the world through the window of another language is a unique and enjoyable experience.

If you work through these lessons, and want to succeed, you will learn German with YSG.

YouSpeakGerman is an audio, German language course for beginners. It teaches standard High German using the simple method of listening, repeating and putting together new phrases from the words you hear.

YSG Course One comprises 25 lessons. Typically, lessons are around 40 minutes long. However, there are some double lessons which are are more than an hour long. Of course, in order to complete the lessons properly you will need to use the pause button throughout.

Taking a simple phrase, you speak German, as a starting point, new vocabulary is then introduced gradually. Many everyday words in the early lessons are very close to their English equivalents, like lernen (to learn) and sprechen (to speak).

German for work

  • A great way to improve your resume

Learning German is a powerful way to enhance your CV or resume. The economic and commercial weight of Germany means there will always be a demand for people who can speak it.

How often should I learn?

  • Learn effectively with regular study

It’s a good idea to study for a short period on a regular basis rather than a couple of hours every weekend. Little and often is definitely better for remembering. If you don’t have time to complete a lesson, you can always do 10 minutes of one and carry on from there next time. Practice sessions are only around three minutes in length.

Who speaks German?

  • 100 million first language speakers
  • More than 14 million learners

German is spoken over a large area of central Europe, all the way from the Danish border to South Tyrol in Italy. There are many regional dialects and many accents. However, the German taught in this course will be understood everywhere.

100 million Europeans speak Deutsch as their mother tongue. Furthermore, according to das Auswärtige Amt (German Foreign Office), 14.45 million more are learning German worldwide. So it will be easy to find other learners, wherever you live!


  • Progress faster with 3 minute, random practice sessions
  • Learn extra vocabulary with PracticePlus

After completing Lesson 7 of YSG Course One subscribers will be ready to practise what they have learned. There are speaking and listening practices that revise a random selection of material from the course.

From Lesson 4 onwards a short list of extra-vocabulary will be read out in the listening segment of each lesson (also listed in the lesson transcript). These words do not feature in the main lesson but subscribers who want to revise some extra words can do this with PracticePlus.

PracticePlus offers a structured way to practise for those who want to do some extra learning. Effectively, these sessions will help you learn how to learn vocabulary independently.

However, PracticePlus is optional – you can complete the course without it.


Subscribe to YSG and you will get audio lessons, random practice units and quarterly Skype feedback sessions with the course author.

Skype sessions can be arranged directly with Mark Parry subsequent to 3 months of subscription.

To schedule a Skype session with Mark, drop an email to mark@youspeakgerman.com

The monthly subscription is: £5 ($7, €6)