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Here's what our learners think...

  • I came across your course and, 6 weeks or so in, I have learnt more German than I did in the previous 15 years...

    This is a great course and I'm glad that I came across it.

    Harry, Manchester
  • YouSpeakGerman is much better than the apps I'd been using

    Jessica, Port Sunlight
  • The best resource I've found so far for learning German

    Duane, Ohio
  • Your course is excellent. It is not just a load of 'get by' phrases but you learn to construct proper sentences!

    Rob, Wolverhampton
  • YouSpeakGerman is a fun and natural way to learn German.

    The lessons are designed to get you practising and speaking right off the bat, without stressing or worrying about grammar.

    Micah, Seattle
  • I recently started learning German again after failing at school and find your lessons have been very good.

    I like the way you emphasise how Germans would actually talk which would be difficult to pick up from a book. The grammar is introduced at a good pace too.

    Peter, Southampton
  • I learnt a little German quite a number of years ago but I have learnt more in the first 4 lessons of your course than I did on that 1 year course.

    Your explanations make things fall into place and I look forward to learning more German with you.

    Geraldine, Carmarthenshire
  • We’ve been learning with YouSpeakGerman since March 2011. Before that we’d tried other German courses but didn’t feel motivated to carry on with them.

    The YSG approach is fresh, enjoyable and gives you a sense of making real progress from the start.

    Mike & Jen, Ottawa
  • I'm very pleased with YSG. They've been really helpful and my daughter has progressed fast

    Rita, Staffordshire
  • I really enjoyed Mark's private tuition. It boosted my ability in the spoken language and gave me a solid basis for my time abroad.

    Uta, Constance
  • I very much enjoy your method of teaching

    Abolghasam, Tehran

Skype Lessons

With Skype tuition lessons can be tailored to meet a student’s individual aims.

This personal approach compliments YouSpeakGerman very well and accelerates the learning process.

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